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Treatment for eczema

What is eczema?

Eczema is the medical term for a very frequent disease of the skin, which belongs to the group of the inflammatory processes. This ailment is not so severe skin problem, but it is very unsightly and because of that it affects the psychological health and the social life of the affected individual. That is, this skin condition is followed by the very prominent indicators of redness, itch and the lesions which are at the beginning oozy and which later on become crusty, and, eventually they become scaly, as the dead skin cells start to fall off.

Having in mind how common and troublesome this disease is, it is a naturally expected fact that there are a lot of the available solutions to this problem. However, both, the conventional and the homemade treatments are focused on the remedies intended to be put on directly to the skin, and based on providing the humidity to the dehydrated skin. Additionally, if the problem is still in the phase of the inflammatory process, it is usually treated by the therapy based on the corticosteroids, which are, in fact, the hormones. These drugs are also helpful for the process of the regeneration of the skin, but they should be used with the professional guidance. They are often prescribed to be applied 2 times on a daily basis.

The best moisturizers

Nevertheless, when the problem of the depletion of the moisture to the skin should be directly solved, the most effective treatment is the one based on putting on the agents that lock up the humidity to the skin, called the emollients. Besides the soothing effect, they are very beneficial for encouraging the elasticity to the skin, and thus, helping the process of the skin rejuvenation. They could be usually found in the form of ointments (which are free from the preservative ingredients), creams and the lotions, which are not so fatty, and, because of that, they are not so effective. However, the lotions are the most appropriate for the skin covered with hair.

At this point, the use of the daily products mustn’t be neglected. Considering this matter, the importance of the soap is top rated, since the inappropriate ones can really worsen the eczema problem. That is why the moisturizing soaps should be used instead of the dry ones. Also, the baths and the shower creams based on the oils should be used. Very helpful trick is to lock up the moisture to the skin by applying the emollient when the skin is still wet, and in the direction of the growth of hairs.

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