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Eczema Lotions

In the next article, we will talk about some of the lotions that can be used if you are having problems with eczema, because there are many that eventually bring relief from this problem. But, we will first say a few words about the problem of eczema in general. This is a skin disorder that also bears the name dermatitis, and it is basically, a set of several skin conditions that trouble the skin of the human body. This problem causes the inflammation of the skin, which is a primary symptom, and which is why it is called dermatitis. The initial problem of dermatitis that we have just mentioned is accompanied by painful swelling and irritation. The only way in which this can be transferable is from parents, and it cannot be transferred in any other way. Eczema is not a contagious problem.


Next, we will say a few words about the symptoms of dermatitis. The transition of the seasons is a period during which the eczema erupts and the inflammation increases. Traveling to regions with the extreme climate conditions may also trigger the problem. Hard water and impure water contact may also make the problem worse, because in some cases the problem may be aggravated when the patient comes in contact with cold water. Harsh detergents and soaps can increase the inflammation, which happens due to the chemicals that these products contain. Irritants such as pollen grains and dust are some of the factors that contribute to the creation of dermatitis. Synthetic fibers and woolen fibers may also increase the inflammation. Cold, cough, sweating, stress can also be labeled as causes of the eczema.


The atopic dermatitis is the most common type of eczema experienced today. The problem of dermatitis can be treated if the skin is kept moist, so you can use some natural oils as moisturizers. Coconut oil is one of the best solutions, which has been used in India for treating eczema among infants for centuries. Oatmeal solutions also may have beneficial effect. Some of the products of this type include natural oils and these are genuine lotions that are much better than the artificial ones. The soothing abilities of the oatmeal make this item a great lotion for the eczema. Neem oil and products with neem oil are also an option. There are also some water based eczema lotions that contain some natural oil in them. Fragranced lotions should be avoided, since, they contain artificial preservatives. Milk can be used for the creation of eczema lotions, and these lotions are used for prevention. Face wash can prevent the problem of mild eczema. This common problem (studies show that 20% of people suffer from this problem) can create the outbreak, but by using some of the lotions, this can be avoided.

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