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The American arthritis association - towards a better future

If we mention the history of the American Arthritis Association, we need to mention politics, since this is the area where fighting this disease was advocated mostly. Namely, Senator Kennedy was one of the initiators of many associations such as this one, helping people understand arthritis and fight it effectively, or prevent it timely.

The American Arthritis Association

This association holds summits every year, when the members of it gather, polling and discussing new methods of treatment, current states of affairs regarding the illness and share their experiences. Numerous doctors and other health experts participate. Moreover, sometimes, even the families of the sufferers are contacted and asked to join the association.

An additional job that this organization has is to be the mediator between the government and the patients. The American Arthritis Association strives to provide better treatment methods for this disease, lobbying for welfare laws which help arthritis patients to be created. Also, it motivates the government to give grants to young students who are researching arthritis and potential medications as well as new, more effective treatment methods.

Finally, the group provides treatment for those who do not have health insurance and for children with arthritis, adding them to lists of qualified recipients for the health coverage. There is a possibility of making children a part of their parents' insurance coverage. This association informs children in schools about these possibilities and motivates them to do further research, helping the project as a whole.

With the People – for the People

The American Arthritis Association works closely with other people and does not act like some kind of an abstract industry. The association collects data about people suffering from arthritis and motivates the government to introduce new welfare laws, helping these people. Therefore, they need all the help they can get, including money, time and any resources. They accept donations which are a crucial part of the success of the whole association.

Also, this organization works closely with other, similar groups, consulting and sharing experiences, uniting their causes from time to time – all for the sake of people in need. Thus, the basic purpose of the American Arthritis Association is to inform people about this disease, to help people who are suffering from this illness and to make this world more supportive towards treating arthritis.

All in all, whether being an American, or any person around the world, suffering from arthritis, rest assured the this organization is working around the clock to help you and all other people who have the same problems as you do.

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