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Introduction and Options

The cost of health insurance is constantly increasing and that is a big problem for many people as they cannot pain for the insurance premiums which sometimes tend to get rather expensive. That is why some people go through periods of no health insurance coverage at all. Some people also have problems with health insurance which does not cover their plans. Low income families find it very difficult to obtain health insurance. Lower income families may look for health insurance discount cards which can be used when a family puts aside money on a regular monthly basis in order to cover its health coverage. The card provides discount rates for every doctor or hospital visit. Those who are in a transitional period and need a temporary solution for the coverage may find these cards to be quite helpful. One may also opt for short time health insurance which comes very handy, especially is a person transitions between different jobs. The specified period of time of coverage involves a lower rate for the insurance. Lower income families may also try out group health expenses sharing plans .This involves group plans and much lower rate, because people in the group help insure one another. Nonprofit groups and religious organizations often use this type of insurance plan. Catastrophic health insurance may also cover the person in most major emergencies, and the premiums are significantly lower than the ones associated with other sorts of insurance plans. The deductibles are very high, though. There are also various government programs which may be of great help for all those who have problems finding affordable health insurance plans. Different states have different programs which are designed to comply with their state laws.

Government Programs

Medicare is available for low income families, children, older people, disabled people and those who are unemployed and it is funded by the federal government and the state. One has to be a citizen of the United States in order to use Medicare. Mediaid is another similar program which also includes pregnant women on the list of eligible individuals. State Children's Health Insurance Programs (SCHIP) is a program that covers the health costs of each and every child in the United States, and it does not interfere with other programs. Private health insurance companies also have insurance plans for low income families. Other options include health saving accounts, mini medical insurance and Health Maintenance Organization Plans.

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