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The latestconfirmation and claim by the American Diabetes Association states that, onaverage, two in every three persons suffering from diabetes lose their life dueto a particular disease cardiovascular in nature, or due to a stroke. Eventhough it is a confirmed fact that numerous oral medication and insulin,likewise, aid significantly in keeping the blood sugar levels under control,they, however, do not provide any protection from various different and indirectlyrelated complications, such as those cardiovascular in nature. As a directconsequence of this uncertainty, an increasing number of people suffering fromthe illness in question has turned for answers and aid to various naturalremedies and treatment methods, which have the potential to enable a person tobattle off diabetes with success.

Overall facts –natural remedies

One particularstatement, made on the behalf of the American Diabetes Association, impelledhealth providers nationwide to counsel their respectable patients on the matterof natural remedies and natural treatment methods, as well as on the stages inwhich such a treatment would be most beneficial for the person in question.According to numerous surveys and published books (such as “Natural Remedies:Their Origins and Uses by Finn Sandberg and Desmond Corrigan), it was revealed that on aregular basis there is an increase in the number of people on the territory ofAmerica who rather resort to natural remedies and supplements than to conventionalones. The remedies, natural in origin, are not a novelty given the fact thatthey have been employed for the treatment of various illnesses for quite sometime, i.e. ever since people emerged from the primordial soup, so to say.And only in the 20th century did the synthetic organic chemistrybecome stronger and eventually took over the primacy from the natural medicine.But given the fact that a growing number of people has been opting rather fornatural medicine and treatment methods and remedies, another shift may be on horizon.

Encouragement in anatural form

The biggest upside ofthe natural medicines is the fact that they are far more effective and helpfulwhen it comes to establishing a firmer control over a person’s sugar levels inthe blood, and this refers especially to the people suffering from diabetes. Thisinformation is considered an enormous plus because it is known that neitherinsulin nor oral medicines actually have any effect on various complicationsthat may be induced by diabetes itself. Considered to be most effective are:

CinnamonTurmericFenugreekApple cider vinegar (1-2 tbsp mixedwith water reduces the post-meal blood sugar levels)Exercise (20-30 minutes ofcardiovascular exercise minimum four times during one week)VitaminsMineralsHerbal supplements

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