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American Ginseng Info

Ginseng is one of the medicinal herbs which benefits havebeen proven through many clinical researches. Latin and botanical name of Americanginseng is Panax quinquefolius, but some also know this plant as North American,Wisconsin or Canadian ginseng. Similarly to Asian type of the same plant, formedical purposes people use root of this herb. There are some differences,so American ginseng is considered to have more calming and relaxingeffect and Asian type of this powerful herb is claimed to possess slightly morestimulating effect.

Native Americans used this herb to cure all potentialproblems with fertility and childbirth. Modern medicine and science found outthat ginseng possesses substances called adaptogens and the use of this herb isproven to positively affect coping with stressful situations. Ginseng is also used asimmune and memory booster as well. Many people use thisherbal remedy as tonic and stimulant for the mind and body.

Adverse Effects of American Ginseng

In general, adults are not particularly sensitive and usuallyexperience no unwanted effects after the use of American ginseng. This is truefor both children and adults using this herb for short-term treatment, but itmight be different if someone uses ginseng for a long period of time.

People suffering from diabetes should be very careful withAmerican ginseng, since the herb can significantly lower blood sugar. Probablythe best advice for everyone who has concerns about his blood sugar level is toconsult the doctor about potential problems related to the use of ginseng remedies.

Ginsenoides present in American ginseng may sometimes haveestrogen-like effects on the body. Therefore, patients suffering fromendometriosis, uterine or ovarian cancer should be avoiding this herb.

Patients using ginseng have reported headaches, insomnia, nervousness,itching and diarrhea. Insomnia is much more common among patients diagnosedwith schizophrenia. Some of them also complained about rapid heartbeat and changesin blood pressure. Women using ginseng can experience breast tenderness or evensome vaginal bleeding.

Pregnant women may be sensitive to American ginseng, so someherbalists advise them to avoid all remedies containing this herb. Substance foundin Asian type of the plant (Panax ginseng) is claimed to cause certain birthdefects in unborn children and because of the close connection between thesetwo herbs, it might not be a bad idea to avoid using American ginseng inpregnancy.

If you are using warfarin (anticoagulant drug) or some antidepressantsyou shouldn’t be using American ginseng.

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