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Family Planning Association, also known as FPA, is a sexual health charity that works hard to promote support on sexual health, sex and relationships, to the people of the United Kingdom. This charity organization pushes their efforts to give straightforward information, advice and support to everyone who needs them, and fights to create a society in which each member makes informed decisions about sex and relationships, free from any kind of prejudice and harm. Activists of Family planning association are doing their best to make sexual health a priority public health matter in the United Kingdom. To do so, this organization is conducting numerous campaigns to educate and inform people of United Kingdom, no matter what their ethnic or social group is.

Current activities

Family Planning Association is focused on numerous campaigns and sexual health issues. Contraceptive Awareness Week is a campaign focused on increasing women's awareness of long-acting reversible methods of contraception. It runs continuously since 2002 and covers various topics, including the reproduction guidelines, emergency contraception, and publishes researches on public awareness about this issue.

Sexual Health Week is held annually, from 12–18 September, and aims to inform the public and health professionals about puberty, relationships and sex. This campaign is especially beneficial to parents and caregivers as it helps them talk to their children about sexual relationships and maturity. This program runs from 2002, and it already covered many important topics such as sexually transmitted infections, research into the economics of sexual health, the proper use of condoms, etc.

Time for change is one of the most aggressive campaigns held by Family Planning Association. It deals with changing the current abortion law in Northern Ireland, where no woman has the automatic right to abortion (not even if she was raped, or if she carries a severely disabled child). Moreover, this campaign fights for modernization of the current abortion law in Great Britain, which has not changed since the 1960s.

Other activities

Family Planning Association builds solid relationships with parliamentarians in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, advocated and lobbies around sexual health issues, and continuously works to improve access to all sexual health services in the United Kingdom. This charity is also focused on promoting access to HIV testing, especially among the high-risk groups. The Association is also engaged on the international level, and it continuously monitors the UK Government’s progress in achieving its commitments in the field of improving sexual health and reproductive rights.

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