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Silicon dioxide or silica is important for healthy bones, skin, nails and hair. Silicon is very good for our bones, their growth, density and also strength. On the other hand, lack of silicon could cause arthritis and osteoarthritis. Silicon has also been found helpful in preventing the Alzheimer’s disease. Because of all these facts it is essential that we incorporate food rich in this substance in our everyday menu.

Silicon Use

Silicon dioxide is also used as the additive for the powdered and processed food and pharmaceutical tablets. In these products silicon dioxide is an anti-caking agent, preventing the binding of the components. It can be added to the common salt as the anti-caking agent or to chips, increasing the taste of it. When using silicon dioxide as a food additive, it is important that less than 2% of the weight is silicon and that the silicon is produced by the process of vapor phase hydrolysis. Food that don’t match these criteria is not considered being safe to consume. Serious health problems may be caused by the too much silicon dioxide in the food we eat.

Silicon dioxide is also used as piezoelectric, in the electronic and glass industry, and in the production of refractory materials and cement.

Silicon is natural component of the food, and it is found in especially high amounts in the cereals and other plant food. Studies confirm that animal products contain less silicon dioxide than plants.

Silicon Rich Food

Many foods are considered to be great source of silicon dioxide and therefore good choice for our bones, hair, skin and nails. Whole grains, in particular: barley, oats and brown rice are known as the sources of silicon and they could increase your silicon daily intake incredibly.

Different nuts are rich in all minerals, including silicon dioxide. Peanuts and almonds are proven to contain high amounts of silicon than other nuts and are recommended for people who want stronger bones.

Fruit is naturally full of silicon, especially: apples, cherries, oranges, plums, raisins, and grapes. When you want to raise the level of silicon you have been taken daily, you should always eat more fruits.

Green vegetables also contain plenty of silicon. Consummate more beans, peas, cucumbers, raw cabbage and celery, to provide plenty of silicon dioxide to your body.

Drinking water contains silicon as silicic acid. Purification could remove silicon from the water, but considering the benefits of silicon this process is not used. Amount of silicon in the water depends on the type of water, and scientists found out that there is more silicon dioxide in so-called hard waters.

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