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Tendonitis, or as we refer to also, the inflammation of the tendon(s), is very common ailment and one of the most frequent possible results of the injury of the tendon. Having in mind that the tendon is the elastic tissue that connects the muscles to the bones, we can imagine the amount of the stress and pressure it has to bear on a daily basis, especially if having regular workouts. That is why the tendon is most likely to be inflamed in the sportsmen. In most of the cases, one suffers the swelling and the pain of the joints of the elbow, wrists, the muscle called biceps and the most commonly affected is the Achilles tendon, which is located at the back of the lower part of the leg (connects the heel and the knee joint). 

The inflammation is manifested as the swelling of the tendon and a dull pain. As already mentioned, apart from the excessive use of it and the possible twist or strain, the other provoker of this inflammation could be also the normal process of the degeneration of the tissue. That happens because this tissue becomes more and more rigid and less flexible through the time. Also, if an individual additionally suffers from the ongoing inflammatory process of the joints, it could as well affect the nearby tendon.

How to deal with it?

Besides the apparent swelling and the unbearable ache which worsens during the night time, the other prominent indicators of this condition are the discomfort and the redness over the affected area. The pain also aggravates with any activity of the joint which is connected to the inflamed tendon. So, these, most annoying signs of this problem, must be treated first of all.

Having said that the activities of the joint are harmful, one should base the recovery period on a lot of resting. In order to restrain the person with tendonitis from any movement, it is good to make him or her to wear some braces. In order to reduce the swelling, the affected extremity should be kept in the elevated position, that is, in the position higher than the line of the heart.

When it comes to the pain, it should be lessened with some NSAID, but, if it persists, the injections of cortisone are to be given. Of course, the natural treatment with the ice is very recommendable and beneficial, and it includes putting the ice mixed with water in a plastic bag and over the swollen place, for just one quarter of an hour. This will as well lessen the swelling. For the best effect, the combination of holding the hot and icy bags (one after another) over the spot is highly recommendable. Also, as the natural replacement for the painkillers, the physical therapy and the acupuncture are very valuable.

Of course, in the more severe cases, the individual must undergo the surgical intervention of making the tendon longer, by different techniques. 

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