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Building self esteem--doing it right

The Common Causes of Low Self-esteem

Humans, largely basing their self-image upon their achievements, may enter many stages in life where their self-appreciation levels may drop due to numerous lifestyle factors. We strongly believe that our financial, social, physical and accomplished worth is what makes us a person. Therefore, upon failing at certain points in life, we are likely to consider ourselves less human and therefore begin to lack self-confidence.

Sometimes, this may happen due to loss of certain skills which you prided yourself on. An injury may cause this, for example. Alternatively, our low self-confidence may stem from losing a very important person in your life.

Of course, losing our wealth may shake the very foundations of our personality, making us prone to actions we would have never performed otherwise. Additionally, poor performance in certain aspects of life may make us feel incapable or unskilled, leading to a decrease in our feeling of self-worth. There are cases where nothing bad had happened. Rather, we might wake up and leave our self-confidence in the bed, struggling through the whole day without it.

This kind of negative self-image is bad for us. Surely, we might lack confidence for a day, or during some stressful events. However, in the long run, lacking self-confidence may have devastating consequences.

Confidence and Health

Lack of self-confidence makes us prone to emotional and physical illnesses. We constantly try to impress others in vain, expecting ourselves to fail. This, vicious circle causes identity crisis, chronic depression, suicidal tendencies and many other, life-threatening, problems.

The Solution

Living with this constant lack of self-appreciation equals suffering. Thus, you need help. There are many rehabilitation programs and therapies which may assist you on the right track in life. Basically, you need a program which will help you acquire skills, accomplish your preset goals, improve your physical fitness, discover many hidden talents within you and constantly expand through learning.

You need to develop an impenetrable shield of self-esteem, which will prevail and protect you no matter how many negative obstacles life tosses at your feet.

Affirmations are a great way of boosting your self-confidence. Also, you need to learn how to have realistic goals which you can achieve gradually. Good organization in life is crucial for this.

Also, choose a program which focuses on both physical and emotional aspects of your self-esteem. Usually, the latter is neglected, and you do not want that. Hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming may be very helpful, as a part of a program. Picking a constructive role-model can also be very good for you, learning how to be confident from people who are. Finally, you need to learn from the mistakes you have made in the past, look at life from a different angle and leave frustrations behind, focusing on new goals ahead.

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