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Young adults, especially teenagers, are the most delicate portion of population. They often display mood swings, suffer the strong peer pressure while feeling compelled to fit in etc. This can often lead to serious health and social problems such as depression, experimentation with the drugs and alcohol, sex, skipping school, and various high-risk behaviors.

Depression and anxiety

First waning signs that may point out to the depression may include refusal to go to school, bad grades, reduced interest in school and family activities, sudden change in relationships with friends and family, overwhelming negative attitude, irritability, anger, aggression or fighting… Parents should pay special attention if they suspect their child might be depressive. Consulting a doctor or a professional counselor is highly advisable. Parents should try to communicate with their children openly, to encourage them to express their worries and fears.Driving safety

It may not come as a surprise to hear that crashes are the leading cause of teen death in America. That’s why it is so important to teach the child the basics of safe driving. Safe driving tips are quite simple. Parents should advise their kids to keep passengers to a minimum, especially at night, in order to avoid distractions of young driver. Parents should not let their child drive tired. Instead of letting them drive, parents should make sure to pick them up instead.

They should also insist on wearing seat belts and turning off their cell phones in the car. Advise them to pull over and park in a safe place before making a phone call or texting somebody. Signing a parent-teen driving contract, available at many insurance companies, might also is a great way to teach your child to be responsible and drive safe. By this, child agrees to forfeit driving privileges if they violate any part of the contract.

Sex drugs and alcohol

This is the most difficult conversation for parents but it is also very important, especially if parent suspects their child is involved in a risky behavior. It is important to be direct, honest, and not shy away. Parents should make sure their children are aware of responsibilities and consequences of sexual activity, drugs and alcohol use. Getting angry will not help at all. Instead, parents should try to bold their worries in a peaceful and rational way. Parents should not criticize the person but the personal behavior. If there is something to criticize about their own child or their child’s friends, it would be the best to make it clear that you object to the activity and not the individual.

College health

Teens will leave for college one day and face the pressure of new environment and lifestyle. Parents should keep their lines of communication open and give some reasonable tips to their child. One of the useful tips would be to get enough sleep, because this often comes low on kid’s priority lists. Eating healthy and regularly is another good advice that may help to prevent obesity or other health problems caused by insufficient nutrition. Drinking a lot of water and avoiding excessive alcohol use is another smart choice. Regular physical activity, flu shots and stress management will all bring up to a great health during the whole year. Last but not the least, parents should remind their kids to practice safe sex and use a condom every time.

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