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Every person in the world knows that drinking and driving must not be mixed. Even though that is true, there are still a lot of people who do it. There are a lot of accidents which involve a drunk driver that happen quite too often. According to some data, every half an hour there is a car accident where the driver was drunk and the accident involved a fatal injury. In addition to this, nonfatal injuries occur every two minutes.

How does alcohol affect a person’s ability to drive?

All people know that the more they drink the more they will be unable to make crucial decisions when they drive. Not a lot of people know that even one drink is enough for a person not to be able to perform the simplest tasks essential for driving, like braking, steering and changing lanes.

What do DUI and DWI mean?

There are still some people who do not know what DUI means and they should know that it stands for driving under influence of alcohol or drugs. On the other hand, DWI stands for driving while intoxicated. Both of these terms are usually used by police. Every state in the world has a limit for drinking and driving and that limit should not be crossed. It is not uncommon for people to lose the license and even go to jail if they drink and drive.

How is the alcohol in blood measured?

The most commonly used manner of finding out how much blood a person has in him or herself is by measuring the weight of the alcohol in a specific volume of blood. When the police stop a driver, he or she will undergo a breath test in order for the amount of alcohol to be determined. Apart from that, blood, urine and saliva tests are also available.

Protection against drunk driving

“Mothers against drunk driving” has some good tips and suggestions for people how they can try to protect themselves against drunk driving. Wearing a seatbelt is essential. A person must make sure that the children are also in their safety seats during driving. People should avoid driving in a car where there is a drunken driver. If a person spots someone driving erratically, he or she should keep a safe distance. If a person decides to drink, he or she should have a designated driver to drive the car. Calling a taxi when drunk is a good option.

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