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Being a good parent of a teenager is a demanding task for any person. Namely, teenage years represent the time of independence you are supposed to give to your child. Also, it is the time of rebellion, when your child will do whatever he/she thinks is right. All these matters are made even worse once you take into consideration than your child has epilepsy.

Epilepsy and Teenagers

Basically, teenagers with epilepsy may not want to take their medications on time, risking having seizures. Also, they might be at risk whenever they are driving. Additionally, alcohol consumption while on epilepsy medications is also a type of fear that parents of children who suffer from epilepsy have.

Furthermore, these worries and fears become even stronger once the teenager moves away from home or goes to college. Basically, you will need to give up on some aspects of your control over the child. However, you still need to be worried about his/her health, allowing your child to take care of him/herself nevertheless.

The Change

First of all, keep in mind that puberty and adolescence may easily change one’s body enough for a necessity of epilepsy treatment modification. So, make sure your child visits his/her doctor during this time, for a regular check-up.

If your child is rebellious and claims that he/she wants to live without the influence of epilepsy drugs, explain why this might not be a good idea. Basically, remind your child of the seizures he/she had before and say that the drugs he/she is taking are responsible for the cessation of these occurrences. Epilepsy can make people feel awkward and embarrassed by their condition. Mainly, they do not want others to see their seizures and they do not desire to experience the side-effects of the medications they are taking anymore. You might contact your child’s doctor and ask him/her to see whether the type of medications can be changed.

Epileptic children may be depressed due to their conditions. Also, if you impose rules on them and regulate their condition too strictly, they might easily rebel against you during their teenage years. Thus, choose some other, more understanding, approaches.Other Problems Connected with Epileptic Teenagers

When it comes to dating and relationships, many epileptic teenagers choose not to inform their partners about their condition. However, this is a wrong choice and they should speak openly about epilepsy. Also, your child should know that he/she can have normal, healthy children one day and be a good parent, even though the chances of their children having epilepsy too are increased.

Finally, alcohol and drugs, mixed with epilepsy medications can have a catastrophic effect. Thus, make sure your child is aware of this since he/she does not want to awake seizures again either.

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