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The role of the mother

Since very long ago, mothers have been the ones responsible for the health of the family members. There are a couple of pieces of advice that a mother can follow if she seeks to improve the health of her loved ones. There are many challenging situations for mothers to deal with; starting from middle-of-the-night crying of her children, her teen’s countless problems at school, a mother needs to be ready to deal with these and other situations that may potentially arise.

Nutritionand exercising tips

A responsible mother really needs to take care of what she eats and how much and if she exercises. Apart from the obvious benefits to her health, there are some other considerations. Since children copy much of what their parents do, it is important to try to pass on to them good habits. If a mother does not have a healthy nutrition plan for herself, she can hardly expect her children to follow her advice to eat healthily. This is also true of exercising habits.

What may aid a mother in her effort to instill good habits in her children is the fact that, for example, exercising can be done in a group and be a lot of fun. A family can exercise together – they can all get out on their bikes or go jogging as a small group. This offers the family a chance to spend some time together, while working out. Participation of the parent in any physical activity is likely to motivate the child even more.

Illnesses ofchildren

Any medical condition afflicting the child is very stressful for the mother. Most typically children come down with a flue, or a cold. In addition to these, they frequently get bruises, cuts and scraped skin. In case we are talking about a minor instance of cold, for example, the mother should put the child to bed early and provide it with enough fluids and other food and beverages that would suit it. If the problem persists for two or three days a doctor should be consulted, or perhaps sooner if the ailment seems to be more serious.

While the child is sick and lying in bed, a mum can offer it some plush toys, or if the child has outgrown these, she can offer it crayons and some paper. Being occupied is very beneficial for the child’s recovery - the period while it is bed-ridden is endured much more easily when the child has something to do.

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