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Children love the winter because to them it is characterized by the beautiful landscapes of ice and snow and cold, crisp days. It also means that they will spend lots of time ice skating, building snowmen, skiing, making snow angels, drinking hot chocolate, or indulging in one of numerous other fun activities that winter provides. But, in order to fully enjoy themselves, the children need to be and stay healthy in the first place.


Germs usually spread very easily from one surface to another so the children always need to wash their hands after coming home from a long day of playing outside. Hand washing can now be real fun because of all the foamy, nice smelling soaps that come from the high-tech dispensers. Kids should pick the soap they like and maybe even some lotion to be used after each wash. One should teach the kids to blend the cold and hot water. These may seem like small perks but they can really provide great motivation for the kids and they will make the kids wash their hands more often and they will have great fun while they do so.

To fight the germs even more efficiently, one can add a hand sanitizer to the arsenal. It can be always kept close so that the kids can clean the hands after numerous activities before taking a sandwich or a snack into their hands. One should be careful with smaller children because they may inhale it instead of using it on the hands. Kids should be dressed in layers during the winter because it is much healthier that way. Unseasonably warm weather can always be tempting and suggestive but still the kid should not be dressed too lightly because most inside spaces can still feel cold.

A child’s mouth should always be covered when it coughs or sneezes, and one should always use the arm instead of the hand, because in that case the germs would be easily spread over the phones, door knobs and numerous other objects. Small tissue box should be present in every room because a tissue should be available to the kid in every moment. One should also keep the kid’s coat pockets filled with tissues because it can and will come in handy. When a child gets sick, it must stay at home because the immune system gets weak and all the germs that could be encountered in school would cause further damage.

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