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What would be a wellness circle and what does it mean for a person? It looks like this is something many people do not think much of at all, because it might require some time and effort to understand it and unfortunately, that is not what people are willing to do. Wellness circle comes from the culture of Native Americans, and it represents many things such as weather seasons, life cycles and four major directions. It explains that everything should be in the balance and harmony, including the mind and body of a person. But, achieving that is far more difficult than it looks like. So, what can be done for balancing your own wellness circle? Hot to reach that harmony?

Mind and body

Mind should be in the center of one’s universe, although it is questionable which culture would put exactly what in that center. For most of the cultures, it is either a mind or a soul. Mind is something relatively measurable and palpable, while soul is based completely on faith and inner characteristics. In the light of these things, body seems to be something irrelevant and easily controlled, although it is not really. That is not because of the body itself, but because of the disrupted harmony that nested in the depths of a mind. Controlling a mind means controlling a body, but how does that apply in a real life? For example, if there is a problem with increased weight, that weight emerged not because of the big amounts of food, but because a person allowed that amount of food to enter the body. This means that reducing weight will depend on the mind, since it will have to eliminate bad eating habits, of which first and foremost is to reduce the amount of food eaten.

Reaching the harmony

This is something that must include both physical and mental aspect. While physical aspect is based on dieting and exercising, mental aspect is a bit tricky. One thing that should be done when keeping the mental health in green area is reduction of stress. Stress is something most of people have to deal with and it accumulates fast thanks to many different reasons. Positive thinking has to be included too, because that will help in dealing with difficult situations in life, which are happening often, unfortunately. Being healthy is important, finding the true wellness circle and balancing with everything in life is something required in order for a person to increase the quality of life.

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