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Physical activity is something that everyone should perform as often as possible. But when we say physical activity, it does not necessarily have to mean it is something that requires weights, or being in a gym, or having a proper equipment. Physical activity is a long walk, nothing exerting but still with benefits for the organism. Also, doing domestic chores on a daily basis can also be considered as physical activity (vacuum cleaning is considered to burn a lot of calories). Today many people try to combine practical need and fun element, so having a soccer match with friends once or twice in a week can also contribute to the health status.


These occasional activities are not enough for some people. They want more; more muscles, less fat, more intensive training sessions, new challenges etc. For them, gym is like the second home, even though they also have workout devices at home. Training schedule includes at least 5 sessions a week, with one day for cross training and one day for nothing but resting. So, why is exercise important?


First and foremost, excessive fat tissue is eliminated with the help of increased physical activity. Exercising requires more energy and that burns calories. So, if fewer calories are taken with food, that energy is taken from fat tissue present in the body, thus reducing the weight. This is especially done with the help of cardio workout, which is great for fat burning because it uses low level of strength and that enables the body to exercise for a long period.

Exercising will increase the strength of the immune system, and also, some systems in the organism benefit directly from physical activity. Those are respiratory system and digestive system, for example. Breathing will be improved and the maximum volume of inhaled air increased. As for the digestive tract, the flow of food through it will be increased significantly and that means that the body will have a quick access to energy taken from that food.

There are also obvious changes on the surface of the body thanks to the increased exercising. One would be very strong muscles. They can be bulked up or with lean shape, but strong in both cases. Strong and fit body will do wonders for a person's self-confidence and the overall mental condition. This is the aspect that many people tend to neglect, but it just might be one of the most important products of exercising.

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