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Genital warts

There are several sexually transmitted diseases and while some of them are quite common (like genital warts, for example), there are also some that are rare, very serious and even life threatening. The human papillomavirus is the virus responsible for the outbreak of genital warts in women, as well as in men. It is estimated that more than half of the adult sexually active population is infected by this virus.

The genital warts develop in the moist tissues, which are in the genital region. While in some cases they cannot be visible, they usually appear as tiny bumps of flesh color. Frequently, they can emerge in clusters making a cauliflower-like appearance. Genital warts may also appear in the oral cavity due to oral sex with the infected person.

Early sings of genital warts should not be ignored

Even though it can be quite embarrassing to talk about the genital warts, it is not the reason to ignore them completely. When the early signs of this sexually transmitted disease appear, something should be done immediately since they will not disappear alone. The genital warts should be treated although the human papillomavirus stays forever in the body. The partners should be informed about it also since the both partners, if they are infected, should be treated, and if only one is affected by this virus, the other should be protected from getting it. A doctor should be visited when one notices the symptoms of genital warts.

One should know that genital herpes and genital warts are not the same diseases, and they are not caused by the same virus. Although both are sexually transmitted diseases, they are caused by different types of virus and have different symptoms, as well as treatment. Early signs of genital warts are contagious and the sexual partner can be easily infected in a sexual intercourse. The person can cause the outbreak of the warts on other parts of the body if he/she does not wash the hands after touching the warts. In women, the untreated genital warts may even lead to the development of cervical cancer and that is the reason why the early signs of this disease should not be neglected. The person will not show the symptoms when infected with human papillomavirus. The symptoms may appear from 3 weeks to a couple of years after the virus entered the body. Therefore, it can be quite difficult to know when it occurred and with whom.

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