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Sexually transmitted diseases – STD

It is estimated that even 15 millions people are diagnosed with some sexually transmitted disease in a year. It is quite devastating, isn’t it? The sexually transmitted disease refers to a group of infections that one gets from an infected person. While most sexually transmitted infections are treatable and curable, there are also some of them which cannot be cured, such as herpes and genital warts, as well as AIDS. One can get infected not only through a sexual intercourse with an infected person, but also by kissing, oral-genital contact and by using some sexual toys like vibrators.

Common sexually transmitted diseases

Chlamydia is one of sexually transmitted diseases induced by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. In most cases, there are no noticeable symptoms, but painful urination in women and conjunctivitis in adults are the most common signs of this infection.Neisseria gonorrhoeae is a bacterium responsible for the occurrence of the sexually transmitted disease called gonorrhea, which usually affects the cervix in the women, although it can develop in the rectum, urethra and mouth as well. Sometimes, it happens that gonorrhea spreads to the fallopian tube and other organs in this part of the body, thus leading to the incidence of a pelvic inflammatory disease called salpingitis.Herpes simplex virus is the virus responsible for the appearance of genital herpes, which occurs in the genital area, but also in the mouth, particularly on the lips. It is manifested through the appearance of small blisters on the affected skin.The most serious sexually transmitted disease is AIDS, caused by the virus called human immunodeficiency virus – HIV, which destroys the body’s immune system leading ultimately to death.The humanpapilloma virus – HPV, is the culprit for the occurrence of genital warts in people. The warts usually appear several months after the infection and thus, it is difficult to determine how one got it.Among the sexually transmitted diseases there is syphilis, which, if untreated, may be even fatal for the infected person. The germ called Treponema pallidum is the cause for the incidence of this infection.In women, Trichomonas vaginalis leads to the occurrence of the infection called trichomonas, which causes yellowish or green vaginal discharge of bad smell.Vaginal thrush or female candidiasis and bacterial vaginosis are also two common sexually transmitted infections that have become quite common in many women in the recent years.

Other sexually transmitted diseases are molluscum contagiosum and hepatitis B.

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