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This text deals with the most delicious topic, dark chocolate. In these modern times, when everybody is trying to lead a healthy life style and eat only fruit and vegetables, it is often forgotten that everything this is eaten in small amounts is good for our health. And what about dark chocolate, how many calories does it have and can we enjoy in its delicious taste?

About dark chocolate

Dark chocolate may taste more bitter than the milky one, but that is because of the high amount of cocoa in it. That is why dark chocolate is used in kitchen for making cakes and biscuits. In order not to feel guilty after eating dark chocolate, you should know that it helps in decreasing high blood pressure and it also produces antioxidants, which are good for our overall health. Dark chocolate produces endorphin and serotonin and they give use the feeling of happiness and enjoy. Free radials that are responsible for the development of cancer, stroke and heart conditions are destroyed by dark chocolate. Also people who have conditions such as anemia, kidney stones and poor appetite should also consume dark chocolate. As you can see from this list, dark chocolate has many benefits, but that doesn’t imply that you can eat dark chocolate as much as you want. If eaten in big quantities for a long time, dark chocolate can also be the main culprit for some health conditions. Now, we will give you some important data about chocolate calories and you can use this table as an orienter.

Portions Fat(g) Carbs(g) Calories

1 large bar (2.6 oz) 23.65 43.37 388

1 medium bar (1.45 oz) 13.28 24.36 218

1 small bar (1 oz) 9.19 16.84 151

Dark Chocolate Calories Secrets

This table can be very useful for people who enjoy in chocolate. They can reduce their daily intake of sugar, so that, they can enjoy in a chocolate bar. If you love chocolate, you should eat black ones because they have over 60% of cocoa, and milky chocolates have less. If you like to eat only black chocolate, then eat it without creams, artificial sugar and other unnecessary things, which will only reduce the amount of dark chocolate that you love to eat. You can also stop drinking milk and then you can eat more black chocolate. But, this is not advised for children because milk is very important for their diet.

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