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When a couple is faced with fertility impairment, the costs for consulting and seeking the help of a fertility specialist can add up very quickly. While it is true that some medications, procedures and specialist visits will be covered by medical insurance, the truth is that when the lifetime cap is achieved the financial obligation is placed entirely on the couple. Depending upon what type of treatment is provided and what medications are prescribed, the starting costs for fertility treatment can vary and be expensive.

One cycle of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment is approximately $8,000-$15,000, depending on how involved the procedure becomes. If a couple needs genetic testing or a more involved form of IVF, the costs will be considerably higher. There are even some fertility specialists that will offer a couple packages which can include a certain number of IVF cycles, if donor eggs are used the costs will increase. Many couples wonder about what infertility treatment cost can be avoided? Some couples wonder if there are any discount options such as generic fertility drugs or any type of alternative treatments which could be less costly than more invasive ones.

When a woman is advised of needing fertility medications, an average monthly regimen of Clomid averages out to be around $50 per month, other drugs could be even more costly. Other factors couples should take into consideration when trying to estimate infertility treatment cost is other medical factors which have to be endured. There will be office visits to the fertility specialist, ultra sounds, follow-up insemination visits, and obstetrical visits if conception occurs. All of these things combine to make infertility treatment a very expensive endeavor for a couple with average financial means. Men can also have costs which must be incurred when undergoing fertility treatment such as a medical evaluation, lab testing, blood tests, genetic and sperm testing.

Approximately 10-15% of couples will experience infertility issues and need assisted reproductive techniques in order to conceive. There are many issues a couple needs to consider when thinking of using fertility treatments to become pregnant, costs will vary according to procedures needed and will vary from state to state as well, so there can be no 100% guarantee of an accurate estimate of costs involved.

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