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Sleeping is Health

We can all guess how much sleeping is important to us. After all, we need it in order to recuperate from all the exhaustion of the previous day, as well as from all the hardships our body and mind endured. Therefore, if we wish to have a healthy body and a sharp mind, we absolutely need at least 7 hours of sleep, if we are adults. Naturally, the elderly and children need more sleeping hours, having more demanding organisms. Unfortunately, there are people who experience troubles sleeping. Some of the common sleeping problems are insomnia, which is a complete inability to sleep, waking up many times at night etc. All these can cause quite a number of problems for a person and make his/her health deteriorate in time. This is why, if you notice that sleep deficiency is getting the best of someone you love, you need to take action and help him/her. In case you were wondering how this can be done, perhaps the following lines may offer some useful information.

How to Help Someone Sleep?

By observing children, who usually fall asleep the very moment their heads touch the pillow, many have come to a conclusion that this is because these children got physically exhausted during the day, due to many of their playful and exploratory actions. This extreme tiredness helps them fall asleep far more easy than adults can. However, there is another thing related to this issue. Namely, it is stress. Children are under no mental stress and are rarely troubled by life problems. This is why they can lay down and relax immediately, letting their body do the rest. On the other hand, adults, troubled by many social and other life obligations and problems, take the whole lot of these problems with them, even when they go to bed, causing sleeping difficulties.

So, happy thoughts before going to bed are obligatory. Think about daily successes or, perhaps, about a good time you had lately. You need to be happy and satisfied with yourself. This way, you will be more relaxed and will sleep better.

Alternatively, you might try self-hypnosis. Here, you will dedicate 10 minutes of your time before sleeping to relaxation exercises and getting yourself in the mood for sleep. There are many CDs which teach you this discipline and you are highly advised to give it a try.

Also, there are sleeping points onto which you can apply medium pressure and relax your body, helping it sleep. One of these is on your wrists, the other below your inner ankle and the final at the base of your skull, on both side of the spine.

Finally, you can take sleeping pills and hope for the best, since these may not help you at all, may help you sleep but hardly relax and regenerate your body and may have tons of different side-effects.

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