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The people who have problems with their respiratory system, especially those people who suffer from asthma, usually have troubles to come to breath and they sometimes try frantically to draw the air into the lungs. On the other side, those who suffer from the flu, bronchitis or pneumonia feel the strong pain within their chest when they cough or when they try to clear the phlegm from their lungs.

Chlorine in the water is one of the culprits of the asthma and chronic bronchitis. Chlorine and its poisonous fumes tend to impair the lungs whenever we have shower in unfiltered water. The solution might be in using the shower filters. Another solution to chlorine fumes is the use of whole house water filters.

Asthma and chronic bronchitis

Asthma refers to the respiratory ailment marked by the inflammation of the airways, which makes breathing very difficult or almost impossible. When an irritant reaches the airway, the hyperactive muscle starts to contract quickly while the certain cells start to produce thick mucus. When the airways are blocked by the thick mucus and while the muscle contracts, the air cannot easily pass and reach the lungs. Asthma is an irreparable respiratory ailment and for that reason, those who suffer from it should stay away from the irritants that induce asthma, including chlorine.

Chronic bronchitis is another respiratory ailment characterized by persistent cough that lasts for a couple of months for minimum two years successively. In cases of chronic bronchitis, the bronchial tree is inflamed for a long period of time so that the lining of the airways gradually thickens, thus resulting in troublesome breathing. Furthermore, excess mucus is secreted in the airways, which makes the breathing problematic and urges the person to cough so as to clear the airways. Chronic bronchitis impairs the lungs and this damage is irreversible. Chlorine fumes should be avoided since they also cause chronic bronchitis.

Shower filter and whole house water filter

The water we use in our homes is chlorinated so that we are constantly exposed to the chlorine fumes. For example, when we are having shower, or when we are using toilet or washing machine, we are exposed to the fumes in question.

A shower filter is used to remove the chlorine from the showering water while the whole house water filter removes the chlorine not only from the showering water but from all water we are using in our homes. Not only the water is healthier, but the air is purer by means of whole house water filter. By removing the chlorine from the water, one irritant that induces asthma and chronic bronchitis is successfully eliminated as well.

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