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Talk about water usually focuses on benefits from drinking sufficient amounts of water and avoiding the risk of dehydration and other health conditions that often result from an inadequate water intake. However, questions about the quality of drinking water, steamy hot showers and the effects of bacteria-killing chlorine in the water, are also worth discussion.


The skin is the largest organ in the body. Its primary function is to help eliminate the toxins from the body trough perspiration. Furthermore, it absorbs and transports nutrients to different parts in the body. For example, liquids are absorbed trough hair follicles and sebaceous glands distributed all over the skin. To maintain this purpose, skin is equipped with more than 600 sweat glands and around 100 sebaceous glands per inch. So, to understand better the concern from the beginning of this topic, note that the skin also absorbs the water in the shower. Moreover, studies show that as much as 60% of everything that gets in contact with the skin eventually gets absorbed into bloodstream – everything, from water to cosmetic lotions.

Chlorinated Water

From the beginning of 20th century, chlorine has been added to water to kill the harmful bacteria. Many scientists are concerned about the impact that chlorinated water has on skin. It might be even more dangerous to absorb chlorinated water trough skin, because this way it goes directly to the blood stream. If the water is swallowed than it first goes to the liver that filters out many toxins.

Recent studies show that Trihalomethanes (THMs), a by-product of chlorinated water, accumulates in the bladder and increases the risk of bladder cancer. Inhaling THMs from a hot shower steam may also be hazardous to health and lead to higher concentrations in organs like the kidney, bladder and colon.

Shower filters

Shower filters may be one of the most significant health investments because they can help remove 99% of the chlorine from the water, even before it gets in contact with the skin. Filters that use vitamin C are especially effective. Shower filters are very easy to install and they are effective even at high temperatures. Moreover, soaps and shampoos will be even more effective without the chlorine in the water.

People with dry, flaking and itchy skin will almost immediately spot a relief after showering with a filter. One additional benefit counts for the people who die their hair because color-treated hair fades more slowly when being washed with water that does not contain chlorine.

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