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Sun Poisoning Characteristics

Sun poisoning can best be described as a condition worse than a regular sunburn. In both the description is the same. Basically, sun poisoning takes place due to excessive exposure to harmful, ultraviolet sun rays. These can trigger an allergic reaction on your skin, making it burn and, eventually blister. However, this situation is far more serious than a regular sunburn. Here, the sufferer can have blisters on the exposed spots of his/her skin. Also, pain is almost always present with sun poisoning, usually accompanied by other, unpleasant fits like nausea, dizziness, fever, headaches, etc. This skin may peel and be itch, making the whole process even worse.

Reasons behind Sun Poisoning Blisters

There are several major causes for these blisters appearing on your skin. One of the most common is, medications and their harmful side-effects. Namely, birth control pills, diabetic medications, blood pressure medications and others, all are capable of making your skin hypersensitive to sun, being prone to blistering once exposed to it for longer periods of time. What is more, many of cosmetic products we use have chemicals which can make our skin become very sensitive, leading to the same effect. Finally, if we are suffering from some kind of a vitamin deficiency or a certain illness, the outcome may be identical.

Possible Treatments for Sun Poisoning Blisters

Once you experience these blisters and all of their affects, you should seek medical attention immediately. Since there is a great chance that your blisters may be infected, the doctor needs to examine you and, prescribe an adequate therapy. If you have infected blisters, you will have to take antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications and some other types of medications in order to fight off the main problem and all of the others which usually appear hand-in-hand. Also, the blisters and other skin problems related to this condition will be treated topically by cortisone cream or by other, similar means.

If your sun burning effect is not that serious, then your blisters may be treated at home. You might apply ice wrapped in a cloth onto the troublesome spots. Also, you can use cold mixture of milk and water, applied by a cloth onto the areas suffering from these blisters. Furthermore, aloe vera juice is excellent for these purposes. Alternatively, you might mix rose water and turmeric powder, making a paste which you can apply over your troubling blisters, disinfecting them and preventing them from spreading.

Finally, a mixture of one third of organic vinegar and two thirds of water applied on the area will prove to be more than beneficial.

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