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How can we describe medicine today? It can be said that itis based on the theory that one condition requires one therapy, one medication orone surgery. And there are conditions that can be treated only like this. But whatabout the majority of illnesses and diseases that can be dealt with in someother way, can something else be done?


It is obvious that the Western medical model is not the onlymedical solutions available. The main advantage of the modern medicine is in the information that it can provide with numerous diagnostic procedures and thesolutions offered also with modern technology. It can be said that the Westernmedical model is trying to analyze everything to a tiny detail, and to dealwith the problem. But is the medication always necessary?

There are medical problems that can be dealt with the helpof something else. Reiki, ayurveda, homeopathy, acupuncture, acupressure,reflexology, those are just several of alternative treatments available. They offera different approach to the same problem. And to some point, they might even bemore effective than standard medicine. Medical science cannot approve of mostof these methods, saying that no real proof can be shown for theireffectiveness. On the other hand, some might say that by admitting the othermethods are actually useful, the need for standard medicine will be reduced and alot of money would be lost leading to a complete failure of the Western medicalmodel. Of course, that is just a theory and it is up to the patient to choose a methodof treatment and medical recovery.

Health prevention

Good thing about the Western medicine is that it is constantlypromoting the importance of the health prevention. Prevention includes control ofeating, regular exercising and visit to a doctor for a medical check up fromtime to time. Eating must be healthy and balanced. When we say healthy, thatmeans that only healthy food should be allowed in meals, including fruits, vegetables,cereals, fish, poultry, low fat dairy products etc. When we say balanced, wemean that a proper ration of nutrients must be present in that food. Thismeans that most of the meal should be consisted of carbohydrates, there shouldbe some small protein present too, while fats should be reduced to a minimum.Vitamins and minerals should be taken on a daily basis. Whatever medicine has been chosen and applied, taking care of the health should be at the first place when we talk about the quality of life.

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