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The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is quickly becoming an international hub for advance medicine, including not just IVF and PGD (in vitro fertilization and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis) but a full range of medical services for couples trying to conceive. Located south of Greece and southwest of Turkey, Cyprus is easily reached from anywhere in Europe and Middle East and also has good flight connections to the USA.

Fertility clinics in Cyprus also maintain offices for residents in the UK in London, Liverpool, and Manchester that do not require referrals from a doctor. Assisted fertility procedures in Cyprus have the advantage of working independently of egg donation and sperm donation programs run by national healthcare schemes. They are free to help you secure an anonymous donor with the phenotype (physical characteristics) of greatest concern to you. The laws of Cyprus allow additional flexibility in the use of IVF, GIFT (gamate intrafallopian transfer), ZIFT (zygote intrafallopian transfer), ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), and egg donation.

In North Cyprus, fertility centers typically make a guarantee of 10 to 16 donor eggs, and arrange a backup donor in case the first egg donor backs out of the procedure or has medical difficulties. There is no pressure, however, to use high-tech methods. Fertility centers in Cyprus report that about 95 per cent of couples who come to Cyprus for assisted fertility treatments are able to conceive and bring a healthy baby to term with only hormone therapies or artificial insemination.

Employing egg and sperm donors from all over Europe, the former Soviet Union, Africa, and the Middle East, the Cyprus IVF Center is able to provide suitable matches for prospective parents quickly, sometimes in as little as 10 days to 2 weeks. Couples can combine fertility treatment with a Mediterranean vacation, preparing them for their new lives as parents when they return home. Does it really make sense to travel all the way to Cyprus for assisted fertility treatment, especially if you live in the United States? Even when you consider the cost of travel and the associated time required for treatment in Cyprus, the high standard of medicine may make Cyprus your most attractive option for medical attention as you are trying to conceive.

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