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In today’s society people want to look a particular way and that includes the perfect teeth. At one time it was thought that the yellower your teeth were, the wealthier you were, thus more attractive. Now it is the opposite train of thought. People want to have white, straight teeth and will go to many lengths to get them. The general thought is that if you have yellow teeth you are not looking after them correctly.

Understanding Yellow Teeth

In most cases having yellow teeth is due to poor hygiene, lack of brushing, poor diet, smoking, drinking red wine, coffee, tea, and deprived health. However, there are some cases where yellow teeth occur from other outside factors. Sometimes even the air in your living area can stain your teeth. Out of all the factors mentioned, tobacco is the highest, most concerning cause of yellow teeth because it stains as well as causes damage to the gums.

Genetic Health Issues That Cause Yellow Teeth

Some children have bright white teeth whist other have discolored teeth from an early age. For these particular people there is no possible way of whitening their teeth as it is a genetic coloring and not due to poor hygiene or any other cause. In some cases your dental hygienist may suggest a type of medication that can help to lighten your color slightly working from the inside to the outside. As long as you take good care of your teeth you can prevent them from discoloring any further. Sometimes when children have yellow teeth or discolored teeth it is not always due to genetics. Basically children love sweets especially chocolate, which of course, can start the decaying process thus turning the color from a healthy white to a yellow. It is important for many reasons to keep your child on a healthy diet, not just for the future color of their teeth but also for their weight and health.Teeth Whitening Products

There is an array of choices in the supermarkets, in the spas, salons and at the dentist’s office for whitening your teeth. Usually the whitening tooth pastes do not hold enough whitening agents to make any difference what so ever. There are some do it yourself home kits, like the whitening strips, these have had various reviews and seems to depend from person to person. It is believed that if the stains are relatively new then this could be the answer. However, many people complain about sensitivity afterwards.

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