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Whiter teeth

Having white teeth is oneof the imperatives of the today's society. TV shows, ads, movies andmagazines are filled with pictures of people whose teeth look nearlyperfect. Apart from being equal in size and ideally arranged, theirteeth are also dazzlingly white. Of course, very few people are bornwith such teeth. Those ideal teeth are in many cases a product ofdental whitening interventions and perhaps some modifications usingbraces.

All things considered, itis only realistic to conclude that beautiful, white are fashionable.No one really wants to look at bad, greyish-yellow teeth. However,getting the mentioned treatment for teeth is something not everyonecan afford. Luckily, there are other, much cheaper options forimproving the look of one's teeth. One of those things is utilizingbaking soda. The idea has been around for a lot of time but beforeyou start making use of it make sure that you know the advantages anddisadvantages.

Basics about baking soda

The chemical known underthe popular name of baking soda is something that is to be found innatural mineral water, but it is also possible to create itartificially. The most widespread form of baking soda is the typethat is used in kitchens. Now, it is true that it is miles easier towhiten artificial teeth, but something can be done about improvingthe look of natural teeth too.

Baking soda, when appliedto the teeth, acts through ridding you of the stains on your teeth.When this chemical is diluted in water, its free radicals startworking on the enamel of the tooth and destroying the stains.Remember that it is much easier to get rid of yellow and brown stainsusing baking soda that it is to remove gray coloring. To sum it allup, it is in fact possible to apply baking soda on your teeth andthus make them whiter.

Please note that not alldentists recommend using baking soda on your teeth freely. Beneficialas it may be, this substance can sometimes be aggressive to teeth andgums. The American Dental Association recommends that this step betaken under the surveillance of your dentist. If you have decided togo with teeth whitening using baking soda, it is perhaps better tofirst try out some toothpaste that contains baking soda. It is muchless aggressive towards the tissues in your mouth. When opting forteeth whitening using baking soda, remember that it is incrediblycheaper than professional teeth whitening services at the dentist's.

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