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Red bumps on the skin are a common problem that occurs after waxing. This can be frustration since the goal of waxing is to have smooth, beautiful skin without hair but also without other blemishes. Bumps that appear after waxing are the reason some people avoid this type of hair removal, but fortunately there are tricks and remedies that can prevent and reduce bumps after waxing.

Bumps on skin are just one of the downsides of waxing. This hair removal procedure can also cause bleeding, ingrown hair, dry and irritated skin, as well as pain.

Waxing essentially means ripping the hair straight from the follicle. This can be traumatic for the skin and it responds with irritation and bumps, which for some last one day or less and for some three to five days or even more. In most cases, though, the bumps go away after a day or two.

The problem with skin bumps and other forms of irritation is that they are prone to infection so the skin must be taken care of and protected.

How to prevent skin bumps after waxing

There are certain things that can prevent red bumps on skin after waxing. For example, women should avoid waxing one or two days before menstruation, during menstruation and during pregnancy. This is because the skin is more sensitive in those periods and the pain can be more severe.

Also, people who take medications like Retin A and Accutane should not wax their body hair. In fact, they should not do it for at least six months after taking those medications.

Skin exfoliation increases lifting off of the skin and aggravates the bumps. It is best not to exfoliate one or two days prior to waxing.

It may help to take a pain killer and an antihistamine before waxing. It will reduce both pain and irritation of the skin.

When a person is in panic or under stress, the hair follicles shrink and contract. Contracted follicles increase the risk of damage due to waxing so it is recommended to be relaxed and calm during waxing, even though it may sound difficult.

How to get rid of bumps after waxing

The skin should be washed after waxing, using mild soaps and lukewarm water. Strong chemicals, scented soaps, scrubs and rough towels are not recommended.

Also, the skin should be protected with clean, loose clothes so the dirt, and other harmful particles do not cause irritation and infection.

If the weather is warm and causes sweating, the skin should be washed more frequently.

Cold compresses, ice packs, cotton balls dipped in witch hazel or aloe vera gel help against pain, itching and redness.

The waxed skin should be moisturized regularly because dryness aggravates the irritation.

Exposure to sunlight can increase redness and bumps so it should be avoided, and if it is not possible, the skin should be protected with a high quality sunscreen lotion.

The important thing is to keep the skin clean at all times. That way the bumps will go away soon enough.

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