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In this article we are going to focus on the serious damage thatthe sun can cause to your eyes. Many peoplethink that ultraviolet rays of the sun can only harm their skin, not knowingthat it can damage their eyes profoundly at the same time. Especially in thesummer time, a lot of people expose their bodies and faces to the sun in orderto get a good tan, and they do it without taking proper precautionary measuresto protect their eyes from the severe impact of the san rays.

Damage of the Sun

People should pay attention to how much time they spend inthe sun, especially during summer months when the levels of ultraviolet radiationare higher than in winter. UV rays can harm your eyes really bad. There are twotypes of UV rays; UVB that go through the front of the eye and UVA rays that go through the back of the eye. They both can do some serious damage to youreyes. Sun rays reflections from surfaces such as snow, water, sand or pavementscan really damage your eyes too.

Main Symptoms

There are many symptoms that indicate the sun damaged eyes. Evenafter 12 hours of the exposure to the sun, symptoms may not be visible. Some ofthe symptoms include difficulty in looking at strong lights, painful tearing ofeyes, swelling of the eyes, excessive tearing and blinking, headaches, etc. However, there are also some serious problems that peoplecan experience after the excessive exposure to the sun and they include sunburnof the cornea, cancer of the eyelids, cancer of conjunctiva, cataracts,temporary loss of vision, etc.

Preventing Sun Damaged Eyes

To avoid sun damage to your eyes you need to take somepreventive measures in advance. Sunglasses would be a very good choice. A fewpeople know that UV rays can also damage their eyes even if it`s cloudyoutside. Everybody should wear sunglasses as they are very good for preventingyour eyes from the UV rays of the sun. You should wear sunglasses that are ableto filter UVB, as well as UVA rays, and the Eye Protection Factor for sunglassesshouldn`t be below 10. If you are wearing contact lenses you should buy onesthat block around 80% of transmissible light.

Many people have experienced puffy and red eyes afterswimming in the water as the reflected sun rays damaged their eyes. Protective gogglesshould be worn while swimming to reduce the possibility of damaging the eyes bythe sun. A wide brimmed cap or hat is also a very smart option in protectingone`s eyes from the direct exposure to the sun. Take care of your eyes as wellof your skin when it comes to the exposure to the sun. UV rays can harm youreyes without you even noticing it.

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