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The Importance of Vitamin D

This vitamin is the crucial for thewell-being of our organism. It is one of the most specific vitaminssince it is mostly generated in our body due to our exposure toultraviolet rays of sun. Nevertheless, this vitamin plays a vitalrole in our organism, balancing the levels of phosphorus and calcium,making our bones and teeth strong. Additionally, it influencesnumerous other bodily functions and its deficiency causes manynegative side-effects upon our health, giving way to development ofvarious diseases including those related to the heart and bones.

Manifestation of Vitamin D Deficiency

If one's organism starts lacking thisvitamin, it will develop certain symptoms, some more severe than theother. As mentioned above, vitamin D has a great role in the healthand well-being of our bones. Therefore, any deficiency in thiscrucial substance may and will lead to decline in bone health,quality and strength. Moreover, this goes out to both children andadults, thus making the importance of having adequate levels ofvitamin D in one's organism crucial for the entire family.

Further on, insufficient amount ofvitamin D in one's system takes its toll regarding his or her mentalcapabilities as well. Thus, one may experience troubles thinking andmay be burdened by forgetfulness as well as concentration issues oncethere is not enough vitamin D in the body.

However, the grim list does not endhere. Researches have shown that deficiency in this vitamin maydirectly cause diabetes. Also, for the same reasons, one may develop,arthritis, hypertension and even depression.

Possible Treatment and Remedy

One cannot know if he or she has enoughvitamin D in the system before it is too late. Thus, means ofprevention may be introduced throughout one's life in order never toexperience this deficiency and its negative effects.

First of all, bearing in mind the factsmentioned above, you need to spend time exposed to sun rays. About 20minutes, three times a day may be more than enough, thus try to usethe sunny parts of the year for this smart sunbathing.

Secondly, in periods lacking sunlight,as well as other parts of the year, consume food rich in thisvitamin. Namely, fish, mushrooms, eggs, milk and dairy products andmany other types of food are known as good sources of vitamin D.Therefore, make them all regular parts of your weekly diet.

Finally, in case you lack these sourcesof vitamin all together, you may decide to use vitamin Dsupplements. However, be careful not to make your levels too highsince you may cause numerous side-effects this way, kidney stonesbeing just one of them.

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