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Foot massage is a great way to relax completely after a hard day at work. It can be done easily at home, on your own, with someone’s assistance, or using any of the foot massagers already available on the market. We normally spend a large part of the day on our feet, which makes this part of the body suffer from a lot of tension and tiredness. Moreover, feet are usually one of the most neglected parts of the body, which is so wrong knowing that a single foot has more than 70.000 nerve endings and various trigger points that correlate the whole body. Benefits of Foot Massage

According to the theory of reflexology, or zone therapy, a foot is divided into numerous zones of which each corresponds with the organs in different parts of the body. Stimulating the feet by applying the pressure on these zones relieves the tension, improves the circulation and helps to promote natural functions of those organs in the body.

As any other type of massage, foot massage promotes feelings of relaxation better than anything else does. It relieves anxiety and promotes feelings of tranquility. People suffering from insomnia may especially benefit from this kind of calming routine.

Foot massage improves circulation and boosts the transportation of oxygen and nutrients through the system. It also helps to remove metabolic waste and toxins from the body. This restorative practice rejuvenates the body offering an injection of energy to the receiver. Moreover, foot massage eases any tension, lessens the pain and helps the individual to cope with various other ailments.

Some people even use foot massage as a nice setting for a romantic evening in two. This sensual massage is very relaxing and can be used as the perfect way to enhance intimacy.Choosing the Perfect Foot Massager

Before deciding which of the many available foot massager models to buy, it would be recommended to think about what part of the feet is the most problematic. Being aware of which section of the feet needs most attention can help to make a decision a bit easier. Electric massagers typically focus on the feet while ignoring the calf muscles, while the hydrotherapy massagers work great for aching joints and stiff muscles.If you have a lot of free time every day, then go for hydro-massager and enjoy a long-lasting and relaxing massage. If you feel like you are always in a rush, then choose something like electronic massager that rolls or joggles – something that can be used for a quick daily routine.

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