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Nutrition is an extremely important part of our lives it can make us a healthier person or it can slowly build a disease or disorder within body and one of these modern diseases is infertility. Proper choice of foods can definitely boost your fertility. Here are several advices about foods that will help raise your fertility.

It is important to eat organic food. Because some people are more sensitive than the others, the impact of pesticides and food additives can have devastating effects on some people. If you choose organic vegetables and fruits only, you will definitely avoid intoxication with pesticides and you shall maximize the intake of nutrients. However, if you cannot afford to buy organic fruits and veggies, sink them in a bowl of water with dilutes tablespoon of vinegar. It won t make them as good as organic, but vinegar will help wash off toxic heavy minerals.

Include at least 5 handfuls of vegetables and fruits into your daily menu, and most importantly pay attention to colors: dark green, red, orange and purple are best antioxidants and they do protect your genetic material in sperm and eggs. Dairy and grain products are also recommendable in organic version. They are a bit more expensive option, but they are also the healthier option. If organic meat is too expensive for you, try to stick with cheaper proteins such as beans and organic soy. If you have issues with estrogens, you should be careful when eating plant based hormone balancers such as soy. Plant based hormone balancers do help prevent imbalances between oestrogen and progesterone, which are often the cause for fertility problems and often even a cause of early miscarriage.

It is recommendable to include in your nutrition a daily portion of plant based hormone balancers such as tempeh or miso (fermented soy), beans, lentils, flax seed etc. Essential fats boost fertility too. Therefore do not forget fish, hemp and flax seed oils and omega-3 fats. Omega-3 fats support male and female fertility and hormonal balance and also help the baby's brain, nervous system and eyes to develop once pregnant. Moreover, do avoid fertility hinders such as caffeine and alcohol, they do affect both female and male fertility.

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