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The Magic of Hula Hoops

Many of us remember hula hoops from ourchildhood, when these round, wooden, metal or plastic hoops wereswung around our hips, being one of the best toys available. However,little did we know that hula hoops were providing us exercise whichis highly beneficial for our health, fitness and overall well being.Nevertheless, some other people knew about this fact and introducedhula hoops into the world of fitness. Even though these hoops aredifferent than traditional ones, being heavier, wider in diameter andharder to be rotated, the principles remained the same. You are stillto take the hoop, place yourself in the center of it, spin it, and donot let it fall down off your hips by swinging them in the process.This excellent physical activity involves a lot of fun, whileproviding you with a highly effective workout.

Why Hula Hoop Exercising?

Exercising with a hula hoop has manydifferent benefits. First of all, you are bound to gain muscle massin your abdominal, hip and torso areas. Also, your spine will becomemore flexible, due to the swinging position your hips will be makingduring exercising. Hula hooping of this type is a greatcardiovascular training, speeding up your blood flow, deliveringoxygen to your body and keeping your heart healthy while, at the sametime, increasing your stamina and flexibility.

Before you start exercising, you needto choose a hoop which will suit you the most. Bear in mind thatsmaller hoops are harder to manage. Thus, make sure you use the rightkind of a hoop, suiting your needs best.

Hula Hoop Exercises

The first exercise will help you toneyour abdominal muscles, and it is the one most commonly done. Namely,you are to stand with one foot in front of you and the other a bitmoved back. Then, once you have the hoop on your hips, spin itmanually and keep it spinning by transferring your weight from onefoot to another. Make sure you do not move your hips in a circularmotion, since this will result in cessation of the hoop mobility. Youcan switch the emphasis from your hips to your waist, moving the hoopto the desired spot.

For arm exercising, you are to placeyour arm in the hoop and then, while holding your arm straight on theside, rotate it so that the hula hoop is swinging. The same actiongoes for leg toning, even though this may involve balancing and is,therefore, a bit harder.

Finally, with creativity on your side,your hula hoop workout experience does not have to end here. Rather,you might invent other useful exercises, having healthy fun all theway.

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