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Many people think that grapefruithas a great benefit to human health. Grapefruits are named after grape andfruits and are mystical citrus fruit. It grows on trees in group so it may froma far appear as very large grape.

Citrus Paradise or a paradisefruit grow 6-10 inches with gentle peel and has 11-14 juice segments and isrefreshing and slightly bitter. The fruit was named the forbidden fruit ofBarbados because it was discovered in Jamaica by Griffith Hughes (1750).Grapefruits have a nice taste, plenty of vitamins and many other elements.Today grapefruit plantations are bringing a good profit from grapefruitcultivation to US and European economy.

There are over 20 types ofgrapefruits and may be divided in 3 groups, grouped by color (white, pink,red). All types are full with vitamin C and full with natural (anti-cancerousand anti-aging) antioxidants. Grapefruits decreases level of cholesteroldecreases the risk of heart disease and has a wonderful effect on skin. Butthere is a risk that, due to overdoing with grapefruit body may developallergy.

Also some medications are notgood in the conjunction with grapefruits. Taking a 3 glasses of grapefruitjuice per day may help with weight loss, because the fruit has agents that helpwith calorie burn. A great actress Sophia Lorain claimed that she managed tosave her youth, and beauty with 1 grapefruit every day. Grapefruits refresh andspeeds up detoxification, they regulates gums, skin...many things.

Advantages and Disadvantages ofGrapefruit DietGrapefruit diet cause quick weight loss, primarily due to loss of fluids inbody. But grapefruit diet is not going to make a slim body and waistline, butwill help to jump start weight loss program. But there a gradual weight lossdoes take into accounts, which are important points.

The Grapefruit Diet may be or maynot be beneficial to health. It may help weight loss for a short period, forinstance 10 pounds for a fortnight, but may not be used for a long period. Thediet requires eating three times a day, and a bedtime snack along with half ofgrapefruit in every meal, or drinking juice of half of a grapefruit. But yes,there are disadvantages of grapefruit diet. And there is another aspect of thediet: it is individual sensitivity to citruses. Therefore many women aged 40-45shouldn’t diet with grapefruits.

Before taking on a GrapefruitDiet it is necessary to consult doctor.

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