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There are many variations of the hot on the market diets and many more ways of getting the right foods in the right amounts into your body, each expert will give you a different method to follow swearing by its results. At the moment it’s the high protein coupled with a low carbohydrate diet that everyone’s in to. You can see the fitness instructors and the body builders of the world are drinking protein shakes like their going out of fashion and you can see on all the market shelves protein bars giving the promise to the naive of a quick weight loss solution to their worries.

Protein has the Power

Protein is a well known significant part to each and every cell in your body. Did you know that your hair and your nails are primarily made from protein. Protein fix’s tissues and builds tissues in the body and it also builds enzymes and hormones. It also assists with your bones, your muscles, your skin and your blood. So as you can see it is very, very important to our bodies.The body in order to work properly needs a big amount of fats, carbohydrates and protein and this is called macronutrient. The other things like minerals and vitamins which are only required for a minute amount are named micronutrients. As you know our bodies have the capability to store the fat we eat and the carbohydrates, however or bodies cannot take stock of protein so it cannot use a reserved tank when it needs it. This is when a mistake is made by some, they think because of the fact the body does not reserve protein then they must consume it throughout the day, all day, however some nutritionists say this is not the correct method.

The Amount of Protein needed

A common myth we all know is, more protein, more muscle. Not true. The body will require a humble amount of protein to be able to work well, but muscle is only built through exercise. The American Department of Health and Human Services have said that boys in their teenage years and men which lead active lives only in fact need and get all the protein their bodies require from a total of seven ounces spread over three meals. Only five ounces over two meals are needed for women, children between two and six years old and some of the older population.

The Disadvantages of High-Protein Diets

Something called ketosis occurs which is when the body does not burn carbs but changes to burn fat thus minute pieces of carbon which are known as ketones go into the blood.

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