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Colonic irrigation is the best detoxification of the body possible. By doing colonic irrigation you will remove remains of food and many toxins which would sooner or later harm abdominal organs. Another benefit of colonic hydrotherapy is improvement of peristalsis.

Colonic irrigation existed since ancient times. It is important part of Ayurvedic medicine.

In order to stay healthy we need to keep our colon clean. We can achieve that by having healthy eating habits and by using adequate supplements. If your body is full of toxins perhaps the only thing that will help is colonic irrigation.

This procedure is easy and painless. Doctor will inject the water in your colon through the rectum. This water will enter your colon and at one point it will reverse and leave your organism taking away all toxins.

Colonic irrigation is actually deep cleansing of your body through which you can eliminate everything that your intestines no longer need. Sometimes there are hardened waste materials in our bowels which cannot disappear unless removed by colonic hydrotherapy.

You will feel renewed and rejuvenated after colonic irrigation. Your immune system will work better too. Your body will have better ability to digest food and to use all important nutrients from food.

Your colon muscles will become stronger. You will no longer suffer from constipation. As a result your skin will be cleaner and more radiant. Your cells will have enough food and you will generally feel that you have more energy. All this will bring you overall well being.

If you suffer from excessive gas and bloating (swelling of abdominal part of your body) colonic irrigation is advisable for you.

Colonic irrigation can ease even more serious illnesses such as Coeliac disease, Kwashiorkor, Giardiasis, Coccidiosis, Kidney stones, etc.

The irritable bowel syndrome is also treated successfully with colonic hydrotherapy.

This great procedure can help you losing weight in harmless way.

During colonic irrigation it is estimated that average loss of waste from the body is about 2 to 25 pounds.

Sine our body and mind is connected colonic irrigation is beneficial for our mental state too. You will feel more relaxed, more optimistic etc. In a word you will generally feel well.

Brain function will improve now that a body is free of toxins. Better concentration can be also achieved like that.

However, certain scientist do not advise colonic irrigation. Their arguments for this is a risk from infection and losing good bacteria from bowels. You can lose sodium and potassium too which in severe cases can cause dehydration. Some people are allergic on materials used in colonic hydrotherapy.

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