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Many people have the good intention of going running. They will buy the trainers, they will buy the whole outfit in fact but there is always some excuse as to why not do it today.

The Health Benefits of Running

Cross-country skiing is the number one way to loose calories per minute the quickest, but guess what, running comes second and also by running it will suppress your need to go for the cravings you really want.


As well as helping you to lose the weight, running can also help to slow down the aging process that tends to take a hold of us. People that run frequently have slowed down the natural process of loss of muscle and bone thus looking younger. This also will mean that you will slow down or completely avoid osteoporosis from targeting you.

Sex Life

This is the one you all want to get confirmed, yes a better sex life. It’s true, the scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health say that there is a thirty percent less chance of a male active runner to develop any issues in the bedroom department than those that are not active.

Other Benefits

By running you will inevitably give well eared exercise to your arteries and circulation system which in turn will assist you in keeping a low blood pressure throughout your life time. Usually humans that are inactive use just over fifty percent of their lung capacity on a daily basis, so if you start going for runs then you will open up your lungs and start to use that extra space. It is a known fact that by doing exercise you will give your brain a boost and will considerably perk up your mental skills. It is also recognized that by performing only twenty five minutes of exercise every day you will increase your creativity. By running you will absolutely improve your mood, it will remove all that pent up negative energy and sweep it away in the wind in your hair. This is due to the endorphins that get released into your system and this is why everything fells much more manageable. Your cardiovascular system will get better through running because your heart and your lungs will become stronger and start to be more efficient. Running will also contribute greatly to a lower cholesterol by amplifying the levels of High Density Lipoproteins which is the great form of cholesterol and will in turn drop the Low Density Lipoproteins which is the bad type of cholesterol which again in turn can help lower your risk of having a stroke and/or heart attack.

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