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Hiccups can be quite amusing for the some people, especially the younger generations. However, other people who suffer with continual hiccups can get rather tiresome, annoying and sometimes quite uncomfortable because of it.

What are Hiccups

Hiccups occur to a certain extent quite frequently in people and in animals respectively. For people, hiccups happen when the diaphragm contracts quickly and abruptly thus making air charge into the lungs. This action then makes the epiglottis which is the stretchy cartilage at the starting place of the tongue which safeguards the vocal folds to close itself off. This process makes us produce noise. Hiccups can last a couple of minutes to quite a long time. If you do suffer with frequent, long spouts of hiccups you should see a doctor for treatments, as they can cause further complications.

Causes of Hiccups

A person can suffer with the hiccups for a wide range of reasons. For instance if you eat your food too quickly or you eat too much you may experience hiccups afterwards. If a person is feeling anxiousness or they get suddenly nervous this can cause an onset of hiccups. Sometimes if a person drinks an excess amount of alcohol or even fizzy drinks then this can cause them to have hiccups. Other causes of the hiccups are stomach disorder and eating spicy foods too much.

Successful Hiccup Remedies

Lots of people have their own success story for the removal of hiccups. The most common remedy is, of course, to drink water but there are many other techniques you can try such as swallowing down a large mouthful of air constantly in anticipation of the hiccups dissipating. You can also try burping in between the hiccups. A method that gets a lot of positive feedback is applying strong pressure with your fingers on your collar bones, cupping your palm downwards. This needs to be done with caution so as to not cause harm to yourself. A remedy known and used by many people is to simply hold your breath straight after a hiccup and hold it for as long as you can, again be careful as you do not want to pass out. An older remedy is to use a paper bag to breathe into, you can even put a couple of droplets of chamomile oil into the bag to help. Apart from that, just sit back, relax and wait.

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