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Important asthma triggers

People with asthma constantly have some sort of irritation in their airways. When the asthma attack occurs that irritation will only get worse and the airways will get full of mucus and the part of it will get closed. People with asthma know that when they suffer from an attack they will suffer from coughing, tightness in the chest, wheezing and problems with breathing. There are various things that influence the occurrence of the asthma attack. Exposure to certain things in the environment cause an attack like dust mites and tobacco smoke. These factors that influence the occurrence of the attacks are known as asthma triggers. Not every trigger is the same with every person that suffers from asthma. However, when a person discovers his or her triggers, he or she should avoid them. There are several most common triggers.

Environmental tobacco smoke (secondhand smoke)

Environmental smoke is known as secondhand smoke because the person who does not smoke breaths in the smoke that is around him or her because someone else is smoking. Friends, relatives and especially parents of a child with asthma should stop smoking or at least avoid doing that when the child is near them. It is best that they smoke outside and never in the house if they cannot quit smoking.

Dust mites

Dust mites are probably the most common asthma trigger since every home contains them. However, not all people with asthma will have an attack triggered by them as easily as some other people would. A person with asthma should use mattress covers and pillowcase covers in order to prevent an attack. Any stuffed animals should be removed from the bedroom.

Outdoor air pollution

Some people suffer from asthma attacks if they are exposed to industrial emissions and automobile exhaust. A person with asthma should pay more attention when air pollution is high and plan the activities for days when it is lower.

Cockroach allergen

These bugs and their eggs can trigger asthma attack in some people. A person who has them in his or her home should get rid of them.


Furry pets are known to cause asthma attacks. If that is the case a person should find his or her pet another home. If a person is unable to do so, he or she should at least keep the pet out of the bedroom and bathed every 7 days.


When a person inhales mold he or she can trigger an asthma attack. If that is the case a person needs to get rid of it.

Other triggers

Apart from these, there are some other not so common asthma triggers like colds, influenza, allergies, sinus infections, strenuous physical activities, certain medicines, high humidity and various other things.

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