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Stop the Hiccups

Hiccups are a strange, yet often phenomenon. Many people consider having a hiccup fit embarrassing, especially when surrounded by other people. Thus, many desire to know how to stop this condition as soon as you let out your first hiccup or even before that.

Firstly, do not get discouraged. There are the numerous different ways of stopping hiccups and some of those may serve you more than the others. However, you might experience that something which helped some people may not be the cure for you and the other way around. Nevertheless, you should try some of the methods from this article, since many may be capable of helping you stop this uncomfortable fit quickly and effectively.

Cures for Adults Suffering from Hiccups

One of the most common recipes is having nine sips of water, without taking any breaths in between the process. Equally common is the method involving holding your breath once you start experiencing hiccups, and swallowing each time you sense one coming. Some people experience relief from this condition when they place ice compress onto their diaphragm, or close their eyes and press onto their eyeballs gently for about 5 seconds. Sugar is a frequent remedy for this problem. Thus, you may consider eating a sugar cube or a teaspoon of sugar, as soon as you experience your first hiccup. Lemon juice is known to have the same effect; you are advised to drink half a glass of squeezed lemon juice in order to stop your hiccups spree. Alternatively, some individuals will find placing a paper bag over your nose and mouth and breathing this way sufficient for hiccups to cease.

The list does not stop here, however, since there is an additional, quite interesting procedure, claimed to stop hiccups instantly. Namely, you are to take your tongue with your thumb under it and your index finger over it, and gently pull it out as far as it stretches. Then, as you pull, try to place your thumb as deeply under your tongue as it goes and hold this position for half a minute. Astonishingly, this will work for some.

What about Babies and Their HiccupFits?

Your baby is likely to have hiccups often, since her organism has not fully developed yet. So, whenever hiccups take place, make sure you are patient and relaxed, considering the following. Try breastfeeding your baby for 20 seconds without stopping. Also, make sure you burp your baby often since hiccups may be caused by excessive air inside its stomach. Alternatively, you may consider any of the above mentioned procedures, ruling out those inadequate for babies.

In any case, if you or your baby's hiccups do not disappear for a longer period of time, seek medical assistance.

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