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Every year there is a new fad device for our beauty and our health. Now it is all about the ear wax candle. The candle is shaped like a cone and it is made up of cotton or it can also be made out of linen which has a thin layer of the paraffin or beeswax. Actually the idea dates back as far as the ancient times with the Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, Tibetans and American Indians. It can be called ear candling, ear coning or thermo-auricular therapy. It is thought to relieve ear pain, headaches and sinus issues. The use of ear candles and their effectiveness is debatable, some say the effects of cleaning out the ears is real and worthwhile, however, others say it is dangerous and totally ineffective.

Does Ear Candling Work

There are many people who do this regularly as they say it helps to remove ear wax and it helps to cleanse the ear from any impurities that have built up. The believers say it works by using a vacuum effect which in turn draws out the excess wax and even some fungus from the ear and the sinuses. Ear candling allows for a moderate osmotic pressure, which consumes the whole structure by osmosis working through the membrane of the ear. A number of people furthermore think that the left over remains of the ear candles, which is at the end of the process, is in fact the surplus earwax and debris. The skeptics do not have the same opinion, they say the candles cannot produce a high enough temperature to soften the wax and as well as that, they cannot give a good enough vacuum. To make the point a little clearer, if the vacuum was in fact strong enough to accomplish the goal, it would in fact rupture the ear drums. The skeptics also state that the so called left over ear wax at the end of the finished product can be found even if the candle burns away from the ear as it is simply the product of combustion of the ear candle. The Process of Ear Candling

You need to put one end of the candle into the ear gently at a vertical angle and the other end of the candle is lit. The burning process lasts about forty five minutes.

Ear Candling Benefits

It is said to help in the removal of surplus ear wax, develop the hearing, and give liberation from ear pain and sinus pain.

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