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What is Ear Candling?

Ear candling is a unique and specificprocess, designed to help people who suffer from excessive earwaxaccumulation, possibly interfering with their hearing, leading totinnitus and other problems of this type. However, the candles usedhere are not the same as regular candles. On the contrary, they arehollow and made of cotton or linen soaked in bee, soy or paraffinwax. Being hollow as it is, this type of candle can be inserted intoone's ear canal, lit on the other side and used adequately. Namely,ear candles heat up the inside of the ear, melting the excessive wax,making it easier for it to be transferred to the inside of thecandle itself. Also, the fire on the other end pulls out the air fromthe ear, creating a vacuum which further pushes the wax out.Throughout the process, due to additions being parts of thesecandles, one is safe from the candle wax since it falls into aspecial container. There are more benefits related to ear candling.Read on to learn which these are.

Benefits of Ear Candling

First of all, besides all the positiveeffects mentioned above, ear candling makes one's brain more activeby relieving it from pressure. Additionally, this process keeps yourears safe from infections since it keeps your ear canals clean andfree from harmful microorganisms. Besides that, the whole process ofnot having clogged ears any further is quite relieving. After all ifpeople haven's stopped practicing ear candling after 500 years, thathas to mean that this procedure is beneficial for us.

However, one should be careful whilepracticing this method, in order to avoid any injuries or place thecandle too deep into the ear canal. Also, just to make sure, consultwith your doctor before ear candling, acquiring more knowledge on thesubject, knowing exactly what to do and how. Of course, you areadvised to follow the instructions which come with the productreligiously.

Ear candling is an excellent method forkeeping your ears clean and safe from many problems that can affectthem. Clogged ears are prone to infections. Moreover, excessiveearwax may place a pressure on your eardrum, perforating it, possiblyresulting in hearing loss. There are many other dangers of poor earhygiene. Thus, for all these reasons, and plenty more, choose earcandling and rest assured that your ear problems are solved.

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