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People enjoy lighting a few candles for the dinner to make it more romantic, or during a relaxing bath. some even prefer candlelight to electric bulbs, because their light is softer and, of course, they save the energy.

However, not all the candles are the same. It has been estimated in various studies that natural beeswax candles are much more beneficial than others, produced with other materials. This article will list some of the advantages of beeswax candles over non-beeswax candles.

Non-beeswax candles

People have been using candles for centuries. Before the electricity was discovered and applied in households, people could not imagine their lives without candles. But in those days the candles were mainly made of beeswax. Today, more convenient artificial materials have replaced beeswax.

A study performed by the researchers of South Carolina State University focused on the emissions of classic, non-beeswax candles, made of petroleum or paraffin. They lit and burnt candles and observed their emissions. The study has found that burning of paraffin candles actually emanates harmful agents, like benzene and tolune.

Another downside of non-beeswax candles is their smoke. It is heavy, sooty and stains ceilings and walls. It penetrates the walls and stays there for a long time, emanating toxins.

In addition, today many candles have scents, which is always nice, but the problem is that most of the time people do not know what kind of chemicals are used for the scent and if they are harmful or not.

Advantages of beeswax candles

The most important feature of beeswax for human health is that, unlike traditional, paraffin or petroleum candles, these candles do not emanate toxins and they are perfectly safe that way.

Also, beeswax candles have a clean burn. They do not stain as much, and they drip much less than traditional candles. This reduces the risk of burning with melted wax while moving the candle around.

One of the best features of beeswax candles is the fact that when they burn, it emits negative ions. This means that they actually clean the air, much like indoor air ionizers and thunderstorms. Everyone knows that the air is much cleaner and fresher after a thunderstorm, and this is because of the negative ions present in the air.

The positively charged ions collect dirt, dust, mold, bacteria and other unwanted elements. The negative ions attach themselves to the positive ions and collect and clear away all the contaminants.

This is very beneficial especially for people who suffer from asthma and allergies. Some doctors even recommend lighting a few beeswax candles in the bedroom before sleep, in order to alleviate the symptoms of asthma and other respiratory problems. Many patients have testified that this method is highly efficient.

Beeswax candles are definitely a great way to create a romantic, old-timey atmosphere, to set the mood and to improve the quality of indoor air.

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