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Asthma attack and no inhaler

Every person who suffers from asthma knows that the best way to control his or her asthma attack is by using an inhaler. However, in some cases people do not have an inhaler with them and they wonder what their best options are.People know that asthma is a chronic lung disease which occurs with children a lot more than with adults. A person with asthma has a problem with breathing during the attack because the airways of the lungs become very narrow and that makes breathing in and out quite difficult. Asthma usually occurs with people with weak immune system, suffering from viral respiratory infections or is allergic to things like dust, pollens, dust mites, animal fur, molds, pollution and similar allergens. In cases of asthma attack, a person will experience the tissues lining the airways to swell because of inflammation and mucus secretion.

The most common symptoms of asthma attacks are wheezing, breathing problems, shortness of breath, chest tightness and coughing.There are a lot of different asthma attack medications that will aid a person when he or she suffers from an asthma attack but none is considered to be as effective as an inhaler. Inhaler is a small device containing bronchodilators. This drug will relax and dilate the bronchial passageways and improve the passages of air into the lungs. When a person uses the inhaler, the symptoms of the attack will disappear in mere minutes and he or she will be able to breathe more easily. This is why people get really frightened when they do not have an inhaler with them and they suffer from an attack. In some cases people also feel quite helpless.However, people need to know that there are ways to cure the attack without the inhaler.

What to do

The first thing a person can do is to detect the symptoms of the attack before the actual attack commences. Some patients receive an asthma action plan from their doctor. In these situations, people should follow that plan. Apart from the plan, there are some other actions a person may take.

For instance, he or she should remove all items that may trigger the attack.A person should sit upright because that position eases the breathing. Tight clothes should be loosened in order to ease the breathing as well.

A person should try and slow down the pace of breathing. Once the breathing is back to normal, a person should stand with his or her hands above the head because that aids normal breathing. These are only a couple of things a person can do when he or she has no inhaler and experiences an asthma attack.

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