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Asthma affects millions of people worldwide and it isprobably going to be an even more widespread condition in the years to come,because of the pollution. Some people that were born with this disease have severeproblems trying to breathe this polluted air.

Asthma is a chronic inflammatorycondition of the airways. An asthma attack is usually presented as wheezing,chest tightening and shortness of breath. Patients suffering from asthma canalso cough severely. When some substance or incident cause an asthma attack, aperson may experience shortness of breath and other symptoms for a short periodof time or even for a very long time, depending on an asthmatic trigger and themedical condition.

Ask for Professional Help

When you experience any of asthma symptoms it is very importantto consult your doctor. There are various treatment options, which usuallyinclude beta 2 agonist inhalers, leukotriene antagonists and corticosteroidmedications for the long term therapy. The doctor might also prescribe some othermedications, to suppress and stop your asthma attacks.

Stay Away from Allergens

Whatever provokes your asthma attacks, keep away from thosesubstances. If you don’t know what are the exact causes of your asthmatic attack,visit the doctor and determine them. Sometimes, and allergy shot may be helpfulin two different ways – preventing allergy and allergic asthma as well. Once youknow the precise reason and thing that triggers your asthma attack, doeverything you can to avoid that.

Certain things are already known to trigger asthma attacks,even if you are not allergic to them. Remove all potential asthma triggers fromyour home and working place. Certain scents and irritants may provoke asthmaattack, so be careful not to use those. Dust is frequently an asthmatic trigger,so keep your home dust free, by cleaning every surface carefully. Fabrics withlint and scented candles are not advisable for people suffering from asthma.

Reduce the Stress

Physical and emotional stress may sometimes be enough toprovoke asthma attack. Avoid situations that cause anxiety and do everythingyou can to reduce the stress level in your life. Talking to your family aboutthe topic may also be helpful, for they will be aware of potential dangers.

Plants in your home will be great for you, because they willproduce even more oxygen and ease your breathing.

Physical Exercise and Proper Nutrition

Certain exercises have been known to buildup the resistancein people suffering from asthma. Engage in walking, jogging or cycling toprevent asthma attacks, because all these activities are beneficial for yourlungs and airways.

More fruits, vegetables and food rich in fibers and proteinsare recommended for asthma patients. Drink sufficient amounts of water and usemultivitamins if your doctor recommends so. Restrict or avoid smoked meat and dairyproducts, for they can negatively affect your asthma.

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