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Persistent achein the head

Pain in thehead is something most of us will go through at least once during our lives. Thisheadache is very frequently something that will not repeat itself regularly. However,in cases where the pain reoccurs in the course of several weeks or months thisproblem can be considered constant. Some people will experience blunt ache, andothers will feel sharp, intensive pain. There are instances where a person willsuffer from headaches at one stage in their life, then experience a period withno pain in the head whatsoever, only to start feeling it again.

There is adistinction between chronic and constant headache. While headaches that keepreturning in the course of three or more months are referred to as chronic,pain in the head that stops repeating itself after less than three months isconsidered episodic. In order to help their doctor set diagnose more easily andaccurately, it is best to keep a diary of headaches. That way your physicianwill have a precious insight into how bad your migraines are and what therapyto prescribe.

These persistentheadaches that last for a long time can be quite frustrating. One will perhapsget into the position where they simply cannot put up with the pain anymore. So,migraines are not just a matter of physiology – the psychological strain maybecome unbearable. On the other hand, these psychological frustrations can bemisinterpreted by the doctor, who might conclude that the stress is the causeof headache and not vice versa.

The reasonsfor migraines

There is amultitude of potential culprits for the onset of migraine. Therefore, thespecific symptoms of different types of headache may vary. For instance, wehave the so-called tension headache. It occurs most frequently for over threemonths, and the factors that provoke it are fairly obscure. However, some ofthem have been established as the most probable causes. Here we have tightnessin the muscles which has been brought on by bad body bearing or excessivephysical strain.

There isalso the so-called rebound migraine. It is a condition that frequently follows theusage of analgesic medications in excessive amounts. A person has pain in thehead, takes medications to relieve the pain, take too much of the medicationand then suffer the consequences since these medications sometimes have theability to provoke additional headache as a side effect. It is, therefore, advisableto stop taking these medications for a week to allow one’s body to cleanseitself of the medicine.

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