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Headache is a very common condition in all the people. It is characterized by pain in the head or neck. Headache can be mild and temporary, but when it is severe and persistent, it may be a sign of some other disorder. Moderate or mild occasional headache which goes away on its own or with painkillers does not require medical attention. However, severe pain in the head, especially if it is followed by nausea, weakness, vision impairment and fever requires medical attention. There are a lot of different types of headache, and the most common is tension headache. This type of headache involves dull pain in the head, tension in the forehead and on the sides, and ache in the neck or shoulders.


Determining the reason why your head hurts can be very difficult process, because the cause is not always obvious. Headache can be triggered by stress or emotional tension. You may have frequent headaches if you are exposed to stress on a daily bases. Too much alcohol or caffeine can cause headache. If you sit in your office in improper posture, you may suffer from frequent headaches as well. Muscle stiffness in the neck and shoulders can obstruct blood flow in the head, which can cause headache. Exposure to chemicals, extreme sunlight or weather changes can also trigger headache. In some cases staying in an unventilated room for a long time can cause mild headache followed by slight dizziness due to the lack of oxygen in the brain. If you take medications for some other disease, you may have frequent headache because a lot of medications involve headache as one of the side effects.


If you decide to deal with your headache on your own, you can buy some over-the-counter analgesics. This should relieve the pain very quickly. In case headache is still present, see your doctor because the underlying cause may be more serious. If your neck or shoulder muscles are stiff, apply either cold or warm compression on them. You should also gently massage the area instead of compressions. You can also try some alternative approaches, such as acupuncture, aromatherapy or taking herbal remedies.


If you were able to determine the cause of headache, make an effort to avoid those triggers. It is not easy to stay away from stress, but try to find a way because stress can cause harm to your overall health. Make sure that your house or office is properly ventilated and that your posture does not obstruct blood flow.

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