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Causes of a Weak Bladder

People who suffer from this problem need to know that there might be more than one reason behind it. Namely, numerous conditions or possible illnesses may interfere with one's bladder, reducing it's ability to hold and maintain what is to be expelled. Therefore, finding the cause may help with treating the problem.

First of all, in some cases an infection may be behind a weak bladder. Numerous types of infections may cause this state of affairs, accompanied with burning sensations, pain or even blood in urine. Treated with antibiotics, the infection is cured and therefore the bladder may function normally again.

Further on, some people may have a frequent urge to urinate caused by other factors. This might be triggered by some of the consumed substances. Coffee, for example, may cause this with some people. Alcohol is also known to contribute. Therefore, restraining yourself from these beverages might help you tackle the bladder problem in return. Foods like sugar alternatives, spicy meals or acidic fruits may all have the same effect. The safest way of dealing with such negative effects of food is to take notes of your consumption. Thus, whenever a type of food causes your bladder to go weak, avoid it.

Perhaps paradoxically, bowel movement influences bladder as well. Sometimes, if you delay your bowel movement for any reason possible you bladder may get weaker at the same time. Therefore, ensure proper and regular bowel movement by drinking enough water and intaking sufficient amounts of fiber. Being physically active can only bring good for your digestive system, thus bear it in mind as well.

Symptoms and Possible Treatments

The symptoms are quite self explanatory and easily noticeable. Namely, a frequent urge to go to the bathroom and urinate, or a premature or even unconscious urinating may all be manifestations of a weak bladder. As mentioned before, if an illness is causing it, treating the condition may do away with the symptom as well.

However, sometimes the problem may be covert and not so easy to deduce. In such cases, a visit to the doctor is the best choice, since he or she may help you pinpoint the problem. Also, there you will get adequate medications prescribed. Many different medications may do away with your bladder problems or any rashes or irritations going hand-in-hand with it. Diet and lifestyle changes may have to be introduced as well. Additionally, you may try to exercise strengthening your bladder by holding the urine as much as you can until positive improvements occur.

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